The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe – fondly known as the Arc – is one of the highlights of the racing calendar and Spectate has a history of sending scores of lucky guests to this illustrious event. Last year the team was represented by Operations Manager Jennie Carter, who had a fantastic time in Paris...

Being part of such a storied event is always a treat as you feel you are a part of sporting history in the making. With the Arc acting as the finale for the European horse racing season, and the winner often going on to be a favourite for the Breeders Cup, the anticipation for this event is always high. Every race from York through to Ascot has been building up to this weekend so the anticipation, excitement and expectation attached to this event is unlike anything else in the sporting world.

The Arc is an event I have attended several times in the past but this year the atmosphere was better than any I’ve ever felt at a racing event. British horse Enable was going for a historic third consecutive win at the Arc and during the build-up to that race the entire course was fizzing with excitement. Enable didn’t manage to make history but that certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the lively crowd.


The event was fantastically well organised and demonstrated a marked improvement to the previous year, which was the first race meet since the grandstand was rebuilt, where there were obvious headaches caused by the redevelopment of the course. This year it was easy to navigate around the site and not difficult at all to get a drink – particularly from the Guinness sponsored pub, which was the largest in Paris and kept guests in high spirits. The high number of British attendees were given further consideration as the commentary was provided in both French and English, something that isn’t typically done at international race meets and was a welcome addition.

All of the improvements to the 2019 Arc were made in response to guest feedback and have led to an even more enjoyable event than ever before. I don’t doubt that they will continue in this vein and make 2020 even better again. If you’re going to make the pilgrimage to Paris for this year’s event, I would recommend upgrading to a Grandstand ticket as the weekend is a long time to be standing up. I’d also advise making the most of your evenings by getting out and seeing more of Paris – perhaps even extend your stay for a few days to get the most out of this stunning city.

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